Dec 31, 2008

New Year's Eve!

I'm in the office today working on a Jan. staff retreat for our children's directors. It's quiet around the office this week. Several staff are on vacation.

I can't wait until tonight. I've got a date with my wife. Our oldest son, Josh, is in Vegas visiting friends. Our youngest son, Caleb, is spending the night at a friend's house. So I have a special night planned for Pamela and I to celebrate New Year's eve together.

First, we are going to dinner at Legal Sea Foods at City Place.

City Place is a cool area in downtown Palm Beach. We have a campus that meets there in a performing arts theatre.

After dinner, we are going to see Valkyrie. Not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but the reviews have been good, so we'll check it out. Any movie about someone trying to eliminate Hitler has to be good.

Then we are going to welcome in the New Year by relaxing on the beach right down the street from Donald Trump's house.

Well, better get back to work...lots to do between now and 5 o'clock.

Happy New Year!


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I will posting more thoughts and ramblings soon...

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