Mar 10, 2009

Leaders Step Up!

Yesterday one of our church members hooked me up with some Heat tickets. They were awesome seats. My son and I were just a few feet from the hardwood.

What a game! Miami beat the Bulls in double overtime!

The reason they won was because the leader...Dwayne Wade...stepped up bigtime.

He had 48 points.

He hit so many clutch shots. Here's a video I shot of him hitting a clutch free throw.

In the second overtime, he stole the ball with 4 seconds left, drove down court,and hit a 3 pointer to win the game at the buzzer. Leaders step up and lead! The reason the Bulls didn't win was because they didn't have a leader as the same caliber as Wade. Ever since Jordan left, they have never been the same.

Everything rises and falls on leadership! I was challenged last night to step it up as a leader. Let your team know you are there for them. Let them know you are prepared and ready to give whatever it takes to advance the team. Leaders always step up.


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