May 12, 2009

Elements of An Effective Curriculum!

Our team is gearing up to start producing curriculum. God is bringing together several churches and other Children's Pastors who are going to join us in this venture. We also have some production companies we will be partnering with as well.

I shared with the team today five components of effective curriculum.

1. Instills long term memory of truth.
2. Parent participation.
3. Life change.
4. Helps children grow in their relationship with Jesus.
5. Heavy in application.
6. Provides a clear, focused pathway that moves children from salvation to spiritual leadership.

The curriculum we are developing will have tools to see all of the above take place in the lives of children. Stay tuned for more details. The first series will be available for purchase this fall.


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look out Children's Ministry of the 21st century!
very exciting!

We are in the process of writing our own stuff for 2 and 3 year olds. As we have begun the process, I feel pulled to invest more energy in providing great material for parents to bridge Sunday to Sunday.

What elements do you think you will include in this kind of material?

yes, we are working on developing tools for equipping parents, as well.

Wow, I will be looking forward to hearing more about it! I've been looking and looking for good curriculum, and have yet to find ANY that I feel is up to par.

Can I also include in your list -
>Age-appropriate Bible truths (I've had some concerns recently about the lesson materials my publishing companies feel is appropriate to teach to children!)

>Biblically/Theologically-sound lessons

>Makes the Bible come alive in creative, fresh, relevant ways that is exciting to kids!

>Volunteer-Friendly and easy (It annoys me when I have to read 100 pages of info and collect hoards of materials just for ONE lesson!).

Sorry, I really am not meaning to go on a complaining tangent. I am sure your curriculum will be awesome!

Will it be media-driven? Where can we look at the curriculum, or a scope and sequence? For all age groups? Is it more of a Sunday morning service geared program?


I totally agree with you in your comment. So many lessons from store bought curriculum miss the point of the story.

David and Goliath is not about David's courage but about God working through someone to save His people.

Baby Moses is not about God taking care of babies like He did Moses but instead God working through someone to save His people.

It is always about God's redemptive plan. All of the fluff frustrates me.

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