Jul 24, 2009

Sunday...It's Staring You Down!

We've all seen the Geico commercials. The money you could have saved...staring at you. We'll here's a reality if you're in ministry. Sunday...the weekend...it's always staring at you. It always comes back. No matter what you are doing during the week, in the back of your mind you know it's there...it's staring at you...staff meetings...it's staring at you...lunch on Tuesday...its staring at you...Thursday afternoon you're busy preparing...because it's staring at you. The inevitable return of the Sabbath is coming...time to get pumped up again!


I recently went to a taping of Wheel of Fortune- it was very cool to see all the "behind the scenes" action that happens before, during, and after the show. Me and my wife Angela got to sit front row (for 3 shows!)I was amazed on how everyone on the set knew their role and to perform it in order for the show to happen. This is key for us in ministry during the week. It is vital that everyone knows their role for the big day on Sunday!This makes the return of the Sabbath that much easier!

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