Nov 30, 2009

Helping Kids Take Spiritual Steps

One of the highlights of my week is seeing kids take spiritual steps. This picture is from this past weekend after these children followed Christ in baptism.

All of these children had been through our new believer's class where salvation and baptism are clearly explained. Parents are required to attend the class with their child. We then encourage the parents to continue the conversation with their children at home. All of these children were led to Christ by their parents.

Do you have a pathway in place that helps kids take spiritual steps? Does it involve their parents? If we are going to see children grow spiritually, then it's essential we have a clear route mapped out.


Dale I think baptizing kids has got to be in the top 3 most fulfilling parts of being a children's pastor. There's nothing like it! And giving ministry back to parents (after equipping them) is right there too. We created a "Next Step" booklet for parents to walk their kids through the baptism process and that replaced our baptism class. I'm there to assist if necessary, but it gave parents the opportunity and the tools to talk about baptism with their own kids. I had a follow up interview with both parents and kids to make sure of understanding, and then we baptized them. I almost always fight tears when I baptize kids!!

Great ideas, Dale! I wanted to tell you that I loved your posts from Disney so much that I have started planning some leadership training events for my team that are based on the hospitality of Disney. I wanted to get your permission to use some of your insights from your Disney posts to share with my leaders? (I will reference your blog, of course).


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