Feb 23, 2010

Evals... A Great Growth Tool

Twice a year we go through staff evaluations. They are based on 8 key areas...

1. Core Values
2. Thoroughness and Reliability
3. Flexibility
4. Ideas and Approaches
5. Professional and Spiritual Development
6. Teamwork and Communication
7. Ministry Partners
8. Stewardship

Each person does a self-eval in these areas along with an evaluation by their direct report. Clear improvement goals are set for the next evaluation.

Evals are a great tool to help your staff grow spiritually and professionally.


Do you have more specific questions for each of the area, or a form to work through? If you're up for sharing it, I'd love to see what you use. I mostly use the same questions each time I do reviews with my staff, but I'm always looking for new ideas.

-- Joey Espinosa

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