Jan 26, 2011

Cell Wielding Children

Have you noticed that more and more kids in your ministry have cell phones? According to MRI (multimedia research firm), cell phone ownership among US children has increased 68% in the past five years.

A full 20% of US children ages six to 11 currently own a cell phone, up from 11.9% of children in 2005. The most dramatic increase has been among 10- and 11-year-olds (+80.5%). And in the past three years cell phone ownership among boys, in particular, has spiked, increasing 47.6% since 2007, compared with a 17.2% increase among girls over the same period of time.

What are these cell-wielding children doing with their phones? Most use their phones for basic communication tasks, such as calling their parents (88.1%), calling friends (68.1%), emergency purposes (55.7%) and text messaging (54.1%).

According to MRI, this large increase in cell phone ownership, particularly among boys, comes as more wireless providers are targeting parents through feature-rich, kid friendly phones such as Disney Mobile's LG Phone and the Firefly Communications FlyPhone.

The firm's preliminary data suggests that girls are more apt to make calls and send text messages, while boys are more likely to instant message, access the Internet and download games, music and video.

What opportunities and challenges do you think this presents for children's ministry? Would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Posted by Dale Hudson


I'm kind of on the fence with this one. I don't think kids need cell phones before they are driving, but a lot of them are dropped off at practice, church, etc. and then need to call for rides. Why can't they just borrow someone else's phone???

On the other hand, these "tools" have great potential to be used to future the gospel through texting prayers and bible verses to their friends, or from parents to their kids...

Great thoughts Dean. Thanks for sharing. I agree..at times it seems like another step in kids growing up too fast. The flip side is more convenience in connecting with parents and as you said great opportunity for discipleship and outreach.

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