Jan 13, 2011

Road Construction...Gotta' Love It

Road Construction...gotta' love it. Today I had to go through several miles of it on my way to Orlando. Earlier this week I saw this sign and it reminded me of things road construction and personal growth work have in common.
  • It causes you to slow down some, but the end result makes things more efficient.
  • It takes a lot of patience going through it.
  • It takes others to help keep it going.
  • There has to be a plan behind it.
  • It can cause detours you didn't expect.
  • It can get rough and bumpy at times.
  • There are tools involved.
  • There will be times when you feel like you are at a standstill. Just keep waiting...you will begin to move again.
  • If someone is waving a flag at you, pay attention...they're only trying to keep you safe.
  • It will never end as the sign above says.
What similarities do you see between the two? Would enjoy reading anything you would like to add.

Posted by Dale Hudson


It represents new, improved or expanded. Construction = growth!

So nice to meet you and Pamela at the CPC multi-site forum. What a great wealth of information I have to bring back to our church as we plan for our new "construction". I really appreciate your willingness to share your challanges and your successes and hear from others who have paved the way.

You love road construction, don't you? I have very bad experiences whenever road construction took place near my vicinity. They always made me late to get office.

Plos Constructions

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