Feb 16, 2011

A Simple Tool For Partnering with Preschool Parents

We are all looking for ways to partner with preschool parents. Our team is constantly searching for effective ideas that will help us equip preschool parents to disciple their children during the week.

Sometimes those ideas take the form of simple tool. A few months ago, we picked up an idea from Fellowship Church in Dallas. Here it is. It's a simple 8.5 by 11 sign. We created a template and simply change out the wording each week.

The Fellowship Church KidMin staff reminded us that we only have about 1 minute before and 1 minute after service to connect with parents face-to-face. This is during the time they are picking up and dropping off their preschooler.

This simple tool is placed in a visible spot by the preschool drop-off/pick-up doors. We just implemented it a couple of weeks ago and are watching with anticipation to see what happens.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Great idea--you are right..although the time is hectic at drop-off and pick-up---why not use it to minister to the parents. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom about Children's Ministries----I look forward to reading your posts!! In terms of this sign---does the Q&A change as well every week or just the lesson focus?

The bottom line is the same for the entire month as well as the verse. The Q & A changes weekly.

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