May 2, 2011

Why You Need "Big" Church!

Attending the adult service or "going to big church" as those in kidmin often refer to it. It's a constant struggle for many kidmin leaders. And the reality is that many kidmin leaders hardly ever attend the adult service.

To be transparent, it has been a constant tension for me over the years. I have to be very intentional about getting in the adult service on weekends. You see, every kidmin leader needs to be a part of "big" church.

Here are some reasons why kidmin leaders don't attend "big" church:
  • Lack of volunteers. Don't have enough volunteer leaders to supervise the rooms when you are out.
  • Lack of delegation. You do everything yourself during the service. Many times this is fueled by control issues.
  • Lack of empowerment. You haven't empowered leaders to lead and take on key roles that will free you up to be outside the room.
  • Lack of a plan. You must be very intentional about getting in "big" church. When you don't have a rotation plan for you, other kidmin staff, and volunteers, attending can fall through the cracks.
  • Guilt. You feel bad about going into the adult service while other adults are volunteering in kidmin.
  • Tyranny of the urgent. You plan on attending, but something "pops up" that changes your plans. 
  • Love for kidmin. You love doing kidmin so much that you really don't have a desire to attend "big church." You are so used to the kidmin environment that you have a hard time sitting still and paying attention in "big" church.

But as kidmin leaders, we all need to attend "big" church on a regular basis. Here's why:
  • Big church helps you see the big picture. It takes you out of your silo and helps you see the overall vision of the church. It enables you to more effectively align with the direction of the church as a whole.
  • Big church brings big spiritual growth. Faith comes by hearing the Word. Hearing the Word of God taught will help you to continue growing spiritually.
  • Big church brings big spiritual renewal. Corporate worship and corporate prayer will refresh your soul. It will pour water on your parched passion, energy, and joy. If you're going to go the distance in kidmin, you must keep your spirit renewed. A big way this happens is by attending "big" church.
  • Big church models a big value. Hopefully you require your volunteers to attend big church. When you also attend, you are amplifying the value and importance of it.
  • Big church can give your kidmin big exposure. Anytime you can get in front of the congregation it's a big win for your kidmin. It might be making an announcement, leading a prayer, or even bringing a message.  
  • Big church can lead to big connections. Need more adult volunteers? Go where they are. Hang out before and after the service. Meet adults. Build connections.
  • Big church can be a big boost for your family. If we are not careful, we can get in a pattern of not worshiping with our own family. When is the last time you worshiped with your spouse? With your kids? We must not to sacrifice worshiping with our family for the sake of kidmin. Weekends such as Christmas and Easter can be extremely busy in kidmin. But make sure you carve out time to attend a service in "big" church with your family. Don't look back and regret not attending worship with your family.

What are some other reasons kidmin leaders don't attend "big" church? What do you do to make sure you attend? What are some more benefits from attending "big" church?

Posted by Dale Hudson


Wife holds me accountable 4 worshiping each week w/ her. We also require all volunteers 2 worship if they serve w/ our ministry. We can't say we r inviting unconnected friends 2 worship if we dont ourselves

Great thoughts on something I know I've struggled with for years, and have struggled to get my staff to do as well.

I have been able to attend "Big Church" with my family for the past two years. For about 6 years before that, it was very difficult. With two boys, one 18 and graduating HS, and the other very much 15, I have cherished the opportunity to worship beside them. Additionally, hearing the heart, passion and vision of our founding and lead pastor, and seeing the response of our church family, helps me feel a part of the "bigger" picture! THANKS DALE, for such a timely reminder of the importance of this in every kidmin leader's life!

This was really big for me when I was Children's Pastor. There were rare moments when I didn't go to worship, but maybe once per quarter. And I pushed it really hard with my staff and volunteers. In fact, this was one of the issues that led me to "fire" a volunteer in my 2nd year. She really didn't think it was a big deal to miss worship service.

This is a great post, and a reminder that for long-term impact, Children's Ministry is as much about the leaders growing in Christ as it is about the kids.

In order to grow in your walk with Christ, every servant must obligate a time to go to worship services for their personal spiritual growth. it will also help you to affirm where you are serving in the church,in children's ministry one must be filled..before he/she can share the love of our savior with the next generation.

must share at our next children's leaders meeting. We've fallen into so many of these traps.

This is a fantastically important issue, however there are a few complicating factors that some of us hit:
- I am the pastor for the whole of the kids ministry so I need to have some presence and input. We run 4 groups so even if I only put my face in for a few minutes that can impact several Sundays.
- It is vital that my leaders get teaching, support and refreshment, I am the ultimate back stop as the employed member of staff, so when they need extra time out I cover if I can't find a replacement.
- We are a rapidly growing church and cater for 80-100 kids (age 2-11) each Sunday in 1 service. As fast as I recruit and train team members I need more and so play catchup in team strength and will not cross leader child ratios's - and hence need to cover/assist team that are 'extra big' that week.
- We don't have an evening service or 2nd service as the setup alone for our current meeting starts at 6:30am and finishes at 2:30pm when the equipment is all back safely stored.

Having said all that I do my best to prioritize being in the service, and I do better now than ever before, but the only sermons I ever stay in the whole time are the ones I preach... I am a fidget!

The biggest way forward I can see is developing a team of 'seconds' who genuinely know what they are doing, have my full confidence and are authoritative... I've got 1 so far and they are fantastic, another 1 or 2 will build in that capacity to by me the Sundays services I want/need to enjoy!

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