Jun 23, 2011

Ten Habits of Highly Effective Children's Ministers

1. Walks with God.
2. Consistently enlists, equips, and empowers volunteers.
3. Has teachability fueled by humility.
4. Displays passion for kids and families who are away from God.
5. Shows loyalty and alignment with leadership and overall church vision.
6. Knows how to cast vision and keep it burning.
7. Strives to be in touch with the overall culture with a focus on kid culture.
8. Connects well with kids and families.
9. Leads adults well.
10. Is committed to excellence.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Dale, thanks for the insight as well as the excellent list. I appreciate that you begin with their personal walk with God and then that they teach others.

Mike Calhoun

Dale - thanks for the great insight... I'd add my own "Makes sure they have signed photo consent release forms on all students before posting a video on facebook.." HA - just got burned on that one! Details...

I was thrilled that you listed "leads adults well." Surprisingly, this is more a part of my job than I ever realized it would be. However, managing over 100 volunteers, training teachers, etc., is a large part of my work in Children's Ministry. Thank you for the great list!!

Once again you brought it brother!

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