Aug 15, 2011

The Child in the Background

Jesus had a way of seeing the person in the background. He could look past the crowd and see the individual that no one else noticed who needed His touch. As we follow His lead, let's look for the child in the background. In this short video, I share about seeing "The Child in the Background."

Posted by Dale Hudson


Great video Dale! As I've been setting up my new ministry to children of divorce, I've discovered that (at the risk of generalizing) there are two types of equally needy kids created when their parents divorce. There are the kids who act out and cause a lot of problems, and there are the kids who turn it all inward. These are the kids who are quiet and reserved. So often in our children's ministries these kids are just ignored because they are not "causing a problem." This is just one example of the "Child in the Background," and I applaud your effort to remember ALL of the children in our ministries.

Very pertinent to ministry. It isn't all just regurgitating a lesson - it is making a connection with those kids and doing what is sometimes "the good, hard thing" and approaching these young ones. Thanks Dale - for putting it out there. He came for the least of us to build us up in Him - important that we continue that mission in Him.

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