Aug 1, 2011

7 Areas of Culture Kids Must Infiltrate to Transform the World

In 1975, three men met together to discuss how to change the world for Christ. Bill Bright, Loren Cunningham, and Francis Schaeffer identified seven pillars of society that are the keys to transformation. If we are going to change the world for Christ, then we must infiltrate these seven areas.
  1. Business - where people either build for the glory of God or the glory of man
  2. Government - where evil is either restrained or endorsed
  3. Media - where information is either interpreted through the lens of good or evil
  4. Arts and Entertainment - where values and virtue are either celebrated or distorted
  5. Education - where truths about God and His creation or lies are taught
  6. Family - where either a blessing or curse is passed on to successive generations
  7. Religion - where people worship God in Spirit and Truth or settle for a religious ritual

I believe the key is raising up kids who will step into key roles of leadership and influence in each of these areas as they grow up and take their place in society. I believe if they are going to change the world for Christ, it will be an inside job. And the inside job will take place in these 7 areas. 

Bailee Madison is an example. Bailee is an 11 year old whom God is raising up in the arts and entertainment sphere to be a change agent. She has a strong faith in Christ and as He continues to raise her up, she will have the opportunity to help transform media and entertainment from the inside out.

As we look at the children in our ministries, let's begin praying now that God will raise up them up to step into key positions of leadership and influence in each of these 7 areas. I believe they can change the world for God from the inside out through these 7 areas.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Dale - I totally agree. That is why I believe within our Children's Ministry we must be intentional in challenging our kids.

That is why in our Sunday Plus Curriculum we have our Bucks and Banking component. Lord willing the kids are learning a Biblical Worldview in regard to the use of money. We are still developing it.

At one church the kids have begun monthly "Garage Sales" where they bring toys and sell. All using the "Bucks" from the Children's Ministry. I know of some kids who have been able to purchase things their parents couldn't afford to buy them.

The "Garage Sale" was an idea of one of the kids. A kid who was struggling but this has drawn him into the Children's Ministry. He has had some great discussions with the Children's Director on Godly use of money. He was careful to price his items fairly.

The kids are also taught to tithe and to share with those who have less than they.

We are open to other suggestions as we grow this.

I think we have family and religion covered. What can we do with the other four areas? Would love to brainstorm this.

Prayer is key - however, I think as leaders in Children's Ministry we can do more.

You are so right, Wanda. You've got me really thinking now. How can we strategically pour into kid's lives to help them find their calling in these areas? I think it's a conversation that would be very profitable.

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