Sep 19, 2011

Do You Have a Book Reading Plan?

Reading is such an important part of growing spiritually and professionally.  You've heard the simple statement - "Leaders are Readers."  It's so true.

I believe it's also just as important to have a plan for WHAT you are going to read.  I've always had our staff team read and discuss books together on a regular basis.  There was a purpose behind every book we read, but I didn't have an overall personal development plan for the books we read.

Recently, I decided to be more strategic in the books I choose for us to read as a team.  I decided to make them part of an overall reading plan that would help us grow in key areas.

First quarter - We read a book that is dedicated solely to spiritual development.  This is a book that helps us grow in our relationship with Jesus.  Here's an example...

Second quarter - We read a book that helps us grow professionally as leaders.  Here is an example...

Third quarter - We read a book that helps us improve our people skills.  Here is an example...

Fourth Quarter - We read a book that teaches us how to better connect with children and families.  Here is an example...

Reading a book can produce good results.  
Reading a book for a specific purpose can produce great results.  
Reading a book as part of an overall personal development plan can produce excellent results.

Posted by Dale Hudson


This is wonderful training for people in ministry. I start every day with reading and it varies from leadership to children's ministry to spirituality to....who knows.

I usually feel like I am the only one on my church staff who reads at all.

Great idea! Thanks for the sharing the plan. Did you read that last book yet? (Imagineering Way) How was it?

Lindsey @ Growing Kids Ministry

Hey Lindsey, great to hear from you. Yes, I read it last year. Very practical ideas. Written by Disney Imagineers and shows their creative processes, etc.

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