Jan 17, 2012

10 Ways to Gain Credibility With Those You Lead and Serve

Credibility doesn't happen fast.  It is not given...it is earned.  And it's something you must gain if you're going to be effective in Children's Ministry for the long haul.  Here are 10 things you can do to bring credibility to your ministry.  Keep doing them consistently and you will earn credibility with parents, children, volunteers, and those you serve with.
  1. Keep your word.  Be known for honesty.  Follow through on your promises.
  2. Be consistently good.  You don't have to be great...just keep hitting singles with a home run thrown in once in a while.
  3. Always be learning.
  4. Admit it when you blow it and apologize.  People don't expect you to be perfect.  Acknowledging your mistakes doesn't make you less credible...it makes you more credible. 
  5. Act don't react.  Don't let your emotions control your response.
  6. Don't share confidential information that people have entrusted you with.
  7. Be on time for meetings and appointments.
  8. Be prepared for meetings and appointments.
  9. Give credit to others for the wins.
  10. Lead by example.  Make sure your walk matches your talk.
What other traits do you think are critical for gaining credibility?  Would enjoy seeing your thoughts in the comment section below.
Posted by Dale Hudson


11) Take the time to learn names and build relationships -- people want to be known. They want you to know their names and they want you to know their children's names. They want you to remember meeting them and they want you to remember the important things they've shared with you.

That's great Megan. So true. This is an area I need to improve in. I need to be more intentional at remembering names. Do you have any tips? I have a friend who is great at that. He says their name to himself 10 times when he first hears it.

Dale one of the ways that I have used to learn names is to write the names on popsicle sticks.It may be good for you to add an attribute to the popsicle stick to help you remember who is who. Add them to a cup on your desk or somewhere you can easily reach them. Grab about 5 popsicle sticks at a time and pray for them individually calling their name. This helps learn names and keeps you praying for them.

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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