Apr 24, 2012

5 Signs That Your Children's Ministry is Unhealthy

How about a ministry check-up?  Look for signs of these unhealthy patterns.

You have to beg for volunteers.  You run ads in the church bulletin that include words like "need" or "please."  You ask the Pastor to guilt people into serving through stage announcements. 

You are maintaining programs that few are attending.  You are spending time, resources, and funding on programs that are no longer effective.  You are hiding behind "if it helps one child it's worth it."  You are keeping something alive that needs to be killed so something better can live.

There is a lack of unity behind a common, compelling vision.  No one knows what the vision and direction are.  Disunity is manifest through grumbling, backstabbing, and mistrust.

An inward focus to the exclusion of the community.  There is a holy huddle that neglects the Great Commission.  Kids don't bring their unchurched friends to church.  The baptismal is dry.  Guests are few and far between.  All the ministry happens inside the walls of the church.

An "us" vs. "them" attitude with other ministries in the church.  There is little or no collaboration between ministries.  There is a sense of competition for resources, volunteers, and advertising.

Do you see any of these traits in your ministry?  What are some steps a ministry can take to get healthy that finds itself in this state?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


I was hired on as a Childrens pastor last July. The church is an aging congregation for the most part, with only about four families who's parents attend, and about twelve families where it is the grandparents who bring the children.
I have found myself in a place where I beg for volunteers because the previous ministry leader insisted on doing everything them-self; during that tenure many of the volunteers decided they have retired from the children's ministry after decades of serving in children's Min.
I've been really struggling to get the ball rolling of excitement and with only one or two people to help, I'm not sure how to do it.

I have found for us the best way to get new volunteers is 1-1 asks. It is normal for some people to exit when the previous children's pastor leaves. God will now begin to send new people to stand with you. Pray and ask Him for divine appointments. He has people prepared and will lead you to them. May God bless your ministry beyond what you could ever imagine.

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