Apr 2, 2012

Do You Give Families the Opportunity to Serve Together?

One of the best ways to help families grow in their faith is to give them opportunities to serve together.  Be intentional about creating these opportunities.

Parents are also the biggest influence in their child's life and when kids see their parents modeling service, the impact is exponential.

Families can be greeters together.  It is awesome to walk up to a church and see a whole family greeting people at the doors.

Families can participate in community service projects together.  Create opportunities for families to get out into the community and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Families can raise money to meet needs together.  Last year, we hosted a family yard sale.  Each family brought items from home and set up a table in the church parking lot.  They raised over $1,300.00 in one day that went toward stopping human trafficking. 

Families can participate in outreach events together.  At Thanksgiving, we prepare meals for the needy in our community.  It is wonderful seeing families participating in this together.

What are some other ways to get families serving together?

What are some things you have done to get families serving together?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Instead of having the teenagers provide childcare for one of our Adult Spiritual Retreat saturdays, we asked entire families who weren't participating to serve together and then gave them Visa Gift Cards! It was a great success and families are not talking about the gift cards. They are talking about how good it was to serve together.

Well, this week we are hosting families (parents & kids) from "our" home church, to run a soccer camp over spring break. We live in a very poor, very rural area, and need activities for kids.

Worn out from our first day of 40 kids. But it was such a great experience for everyone!

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