Apr 12, 2012

What Do You Do For Kids Who Attend Multiple Services?

If you have more than one service on weekends, you've probably faced a dilemma.

What about the children who are there for more than one service because their parents attend one service and serve or go to a class for the second hour?  What do these children do for the second hour?

Many times they have to sit through the same service again.  And no matter how engaging your service may be, the exact service again can be boring for a child.  This can lead to behavior issues and children dreading that second hour.  

And many times it's the children of your most committed families.  Families who are serving in your ministry and other ministries.  What should you do?

A few years ago, I was experiencing the frustrations of this issue and came up with a solution that has worked well for us.  It's called Kid's Place.  Kid's Place is a room where children can go for the second service.  Kid's Place doesn't have a structured lesson or classroom schedule.  It's a place where children can just hang out.  They can choose from a variety of activities such as coloring, puzzles, crafts, board games, building blocks, video games, books, and more.  They are also provided with a snack and drink.

Children look forward to going to Kid's Place for their second service.  Parents love it.  It also helps you enlist many more volunteers.  Many parents in your ministry may not be serving because they don't want their child sitting through the same service twice.  But when you provide a room like Kid's Place for their children the second service, they will be a lot more willing to serve.  The time you spend enlisting volunteers for Kid's Place will be multiplied many times over in new volunteers who join your team because you offer it.

We want children to leave our services wanting more.  We want them excited about coming back.  A room like Kid's Place can be a key factor in that happening.


Dale- I like this idea. Can I ask why you offer the same programming for all the services? Right now we do a small group 1st hour and then large group 2nd hour. Parents really like that we offer both because it is something different etc... I struggle with it because the curriculum isn't the same both hours so to get the family on one solid thought is hard. I would love to go to the same programming but I wanted to know the reasons behind it. I had family on staff at CF so I know it's huge was size the main factor?

I agree, I know several churches who have done this and it seems pretty successful. We are not able to because of space right now. Although on days with good weather it could be kids "playground" for us. There is always a way.

Our format is a large group/small group format that takes place in one service. We do the same service multiple times. If you are in a worship one hour / Sunday School the other hour format, then this does not become as much of a need. It sounds like that is your situation. I have lead both formats and there are positives and negatives for both. Whatever format you are in, I think the main thing is giving the kids a great experience.

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