May 31, 2012

2 Effective Guest Follow Up Tools You Can Use

Here are two tools that we use to follow up with parents who are first-time guests.

The first tool is a follow up letter.  The second one is a survey that we include with the letter.  The survey shows new parents that we value their input and also provides us with great feedback about their first experience.  We get several of these surveys back each week.

If a return survey provides us with an area we can grow in, we work on improving that area.  If it's a praise report, we share that with the team as well.


Dale, do you send the letter and survey out after a family has come for the first time? Do you do any more followup after subsequent times and if so after how many visits do you do this.

Hey Stacy, yes, after they have visited the first time. We actually now do it by email. We also call them and thank them for coming. Blessings.

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