May 1, 2012

Signage Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.1)

Today we begin a 9 part series about Children's Ministry signage.  Each day we are sharing one signage idea that can enhance your ministry.  Here's idea #1.

Character Signs
These were made with decals from our friends at Wacky World Studios.  The decals are very affordable and they have an entire catalog to choose from.  We then had a volunteer make a wood cutout and base to attach the decals to.

sign at entrance

back of entrance sign - poster inside frame can be changed out

can be used as directional signage

can be used to communicate with parents

added a flat screen tv to this one with a feed for video announcements

dvd player mounted on back of sign with tv


These are great ideas Dale such a problem when you are a mobile church. Any ideas for that? We set up in a school and tear down every sunday.

Jenn, two of our campuses are mobile so I understand where you are coming from. One meets in a high school and the other in a movie theater. At these campuses, we use signs printed on posters mounted to foam board that can easily be stored. I have seen people attach the character signs to light foam board as well that can be easily moved. For most mobile campuses, storage is a big factor in considering what can be done.

Where can you purchase these?

You can purchase these from

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