May 3, 2012

Signage Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.3)

Today we are continuing a 9 part series about Children's Ministry signage.  Each day we are sharing one signage idea that can enhance your ministry.  Here's idea #3.

Exit signage. 
I first got the idea for exit signage when I was leaving Disney World.  This is what you see when you are walking out.

The signage people see when they are leaving is just as important as the signage people see when they are entering.  Effective exit signage will make people leave feeling loved, valued, and wanting to return.

Here are signs we created for the exit doors of our Children's areas.


Are these types of signs expensive? Do you do these yourselves or do you hire someone to make these?

We have a local sign company make them. I think they are $150ish.

Putting signs at the exits is a great idea! If you had an artistic hand in your group, it would not cost much to make up a few of these with left-over paint and some sort of inexpensive "foundation" (foam board, heavy cardboard, or even thin plywood--although the latter may be a bit heavy to trust over the door!). Thanks for the tip!

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