Jun 27, 2012

The One Word You Should Not Use With Kids at Church


Sunday School
Vacation Bible School

The last place kids want to go on a weekend is where they've been all week.

The last place kids want to go during their summer break is back to school.

Whatever you call your programs and events...don't use the word "school."


This is something that I've tried not to do. What I find challenging is getting the parents not to call it Sunday school. For those that grew up in church, that's what they called it. This year, we changed VBS to SBC (Summer Bible Camp). It's catching on.

You're so right. If you grew up in church it's hard not to call it "Sunday School" just because of habit. God bless.

Could not agree more! One of my biggest pet peeves :)

We call Sunday School TeamTime. It sounds like Tea Time. It's fun.

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