Aug 1, 2012

A Sneak Peak Inside Volunteer Training

Do you face the challenge of getting volunteers to show up for training?   I do.  People's lives are crazy busy and they're not looking for one more thing to add to their schedule.  But training and growing volunteers is a vital part of Children's Ministry.

There is a key opportunity for training each week that many Children's Ministries overlook.  That's right before you open the doors for the worship service / class time.  A pre-service huddle with your volunteers can be a very effective time to do training.  

Here's an inside look at a pre-service huddle and the elements incorporated.


Thanks for sharing how you guys do this. I must say the thing that stood out to me is how calm everyone seemed to be compared to my group during our time together, they are not as calm but a little more rowdy, energetic. More of a feel of cats being herded. Love it though.

Thanks Todd. They were a little more "calm" because they knew they were being filmed. (ha)

Does your pre-service huddle always last 20 minutes? Is it always well attended?

We ask our leaders to arrive 30 minutes prior to service which allows us for a 10 minute PEP meeting and then 20 minutes connecting with the kids as they arrive however it sometimes seems like pulling teeth to get more than 50% our team to attend. I liked your joke idea though and am going to implement that.

Do you require your leaders to attend these pre-service huddles?

It usually last 10-15 min. We meet 30 min. before we open the doors. Example - Sat. night 6 pm service - meet at 5:00 pm then open doors for kids at 5:30 pm. We normally have 1/4 to 1/2 of our team there depending on the week. The meeting is not required but strongly encouraged.

I am thinking about starting one of these, but my ministry leaders (including themselves) dont' think that my volunteers would arrive on time since they barely make my 15 pre-service arrival. Any suggestions?

You might start off trying it once a month. Have refreshments, coffee, etc. waiting for them. Let it start small and grow from there. Use it as a time to build community. Pray for their needs. Word will spread.

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