Sep 7, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Call Volunteers "Volunteers"

Ever heard this, "I don't know.  You'll need to ask a staff member.  I'm just a volunteer."

The word "volunteer" tends to create a lower level of ownership.  Instead, consider using words like "ministry partner" or "team member" to identify volunteers.  You will see their ownership of the ministry increase.

What do you call "volunteers?"


The lot of them are "ministry team" and the solo of them are "team member". I also like calling new people "Guests" instead of "visitors".

Right on!
Singular: we call them a leader. Plural: we call them a team. For exactly the reason you state. It helps them feel and know the value of their role as leaders and team members. Instead of just a preschool volunteer, if someone is a preschool leader on a preschool team, they immediately take more ownership and feel more value in their role.

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