Oct 10, 2012

Teaching Kids About Giving

Here is a short video we created to help parents teach their children about giving.  We also created full color giving labels with instructions for kids and parents.  If you'd like a copy of the labels, feel free to contact me and I'll email it to you.


I think a routine and system can be helpful. But to be honest (and this is just my preference) I don't like the label with 10% for giving to God. I think that can be (especially in the Bible belt where I live) a limiting routine.

We talk more in general about giving to God and trusting him, although we do "make" our young kids give a certain proportion.

The big principle that we need to teach, as I've written before is that "generosity is a reflection of how we worship Jesus. Specifically, our choice is to hope/trust/worship either wealth or Jesus."

The full article is: http://differentway4kids.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-can-i-teach-my-child-to-be-generous.html

Great stuff Joey. Thanks for sharing. If you look at God's Word, the tithe is always 10%. Above that is an offering. 10% is the starting point. I do believe it is important to teach kids that the tithe is 10%. I would encourage you to read Robert Morris' book "The Blessed Life." We are taking our entire church through it right now.

True. But notice that the most of the times "tithe" is mentioned in NT, it is connected with the Pharasaical rituals (and one time is about Abraham tithing to Melchizedek). I'm not against the 10%, but again, I think it can easily become a comfort level.

Honestly, I'd be hesitant to completely follow a book that claims: "This book will transform your life for the better, bringing you guaranteed financial results." Something about that doesn't quite mesh with the gospel.

And if you never read it, I'd encourage you (and your readers) to check out "The Treasure Principle" by Randy Alcorn. It really helped me to see that giving (without a set amount) is about worship and trust.

Dale - FANTASTIC Lesson! Hooray! I absolutely love what you've done. It's fun, simple and using kids causes me to pay close attention with a smile on my face. Giving kids a color coded system to understand giving and how to get into the "habit" of tithing and saving and seeing that God expects us to always give 10%. Also, your helping parents be better teachers to their kids. The goal I think is for parents to see that they can create simple illustrations on their own just like this one.
The tithe, giving and saving are such important concepts to teach kids. Just telling kids to be "generous" to vague.

My Q is - How do you distribute this to parents? Email link the video? Are these videos a weekly/monthly thing?
Are all the videos on this site?
I am going to use this exact teaching. I may add that as a part of the $8, we need to be on the look out for people who are in need and can share some of our blessings with them.

We do a monthly video for parents that is 2-3 minutes. We put it on our parent Facebook page (Christ Fellowship/GK Parents). And once a quarter or so we email one of the videos to the parents as an embed.

All of our videos are on vimeo. Here is the link. Thanks for the feedback. Blessings.


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