Dec 13, 2012

10 Things Kids Want While They're at Your Church

A leader who knows their name.  Kids want to be known personally.  If they get lost in the crowd, you'll lose them.  It's vital you get them out of the row and into a small circle.

They want to have fun.  They want to kids.  When parents pick up their children there's a reason they ask them, "Did you have fun today?"

A lesson that will hold their attention.  They want you to connect with their learning style.  They want you to teach truth on a level they can understand.  If they are saying the lesson is "boring."  Guess is.

They want to talk and share their thoughts.  Instead of a one-sided "download" of information, they want to learn by being part of a conversation.

Rooms decorated with them in mind.  They want environments with bright, kid-friendly colors and decorating themes connected to kid culture.  

An opportunity to serve.  They don't want to be known as the church of tomorrow...they want to be the church of today.  They are eager to serve and make a difference.

A friend their age.  They want to build a friendship with someone in their class.

They want to be prayed for.  They want someone who will pray for their prayer requests.  Even if it's a sick puppy.

They want to be listened to.  They want someone who will listen...really listen as they share about their week...their favorite video game...their fears...their dreams...their family.

They want to be affirmed.  They want someone to believe in them.  Someone to see potential in them.  Someone to show them that God has a great plan for their life.

Provide these things for kids at your church and your classrooms will soon be overflowing with kids.


You mean, 10 ways to endoctrinate children and alienate them from their own Soul. Why teaching them to listen to the god of your church, instead of learning them to listen to the Inner Voice of their own Divinity. They don't need to be prepared for a plan of some other god. They are born with it. That's what needs to be confirmed! The denial of this is such a waste, generation after generation, even more when it is disguised as a funny lesson. This can't possibly be what Jezus meant. In fact, these children should be your Teacher, instead. They still know!

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