Jan 21, 2013

Pilgrim's Progress App Giveaway

Seattle-based Nation9 is a next-generation digital and interactive publisher.  The company, founded in November 2011 and based in Kirkland, publishes its own line of tablet-based children’s books and also has a collaboration platform that helps writers, designers, developers and others come together from around the world to build titles.

Nation9 books come to life on a tablet and allow kids to move objects on the screen, uncover hidden facts and read-along with narrative functions.  This helps the reader stay engaged while still keeping the story intact.  It’s making reading cool and fresh.

I am excited about one of the projects they recently released....Pilgrim's Progress.  Nation9′s adaptation of this classic features custom 3D animation, story-line interactivity, captivating original music, and optional narration that will be sure to captivate young readers time and time again.

We are giving away 5 free, downloadable copies of the iPad app.  You can enter by dalehudsoncm2@gmail.com.  We will announce the winners next Monday, January 28.

Here's a sample of the app.


What happened to this app? I would love to download it and check it out, but it seems to have disappeared!

That's a good question. I haven't been in contact with them in quite awhile. You might try the app store to see if is still listed.

Great news, The Pilgrim's Progress Story App is now available for iPad on the AppStore worldwide!
Download for FREE!
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