Jan 7, 2013

Put This In Your Church Hallway and Families Will Love It

Families love taking pictures together.  Spend a few minutes at the entrance of Disney World and you will see hundreds of families posing for pictures.

Recently, I had an idea of creating a photo spot for families in our children's ministry hallway.  We put up a simple backdrop with a sign that says "Family Photo Spot."  We also have props they can put on or hold for the picture.

We will have this available year round and change it up for each holiday and season. (examples: red backdrop and hearts for valentines, beach chairs and beach balls for summer, hay bails and pumpkins for fall, etc.)  It's currently a winter scene.

It has been a huge hit.  Families love it.  Create opportunities for families to make memories together and they will be drawn to your church.

Below are some pictures.


Do you have a staffed photographer or do families just ask someone to take their picture?

We are considering doing a photo booth of some kind for Mother's Day - perhaps it can last a little longer!

Hi Nicole, great to hear from you. We let families take their own pictures on normal weeks. The exception would be big events like Christmas, Fall Festival,etc. when we would have a photographer present and then email them the picture.

What a great idea Dale..I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

Your welcome Glenys. Have a blessed week.

Nicole- thanks for asking my question! Dale, great idea. Love this!

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