Mar 28, 2013

7 Ways to Help Volunteers Avoid Burnout

Make sure they attend the service.  Watching online doesn't count.

Don't ask them to stay over and serve an extra service.  Even if you are in a bind.

Don't let them serve in multiple ministries.  The "S" on their Super Christian shirt will eventually unravel and fall off.

Give them time off.  Maybe even the summer off.

Make sure they are in their sweet spot.  Nothing leads to burnout faster than serving in a position you are not gifted for or passionate about.

Put them with someone they enjoy serving with.  People who serve long term normally have close relationships with the people they serve with.

Say thank you every week.  Many volunteers have never heard the words "thank you."  They feel like no one cares whether they serve or not.  With words and actions, show them that they highly valued.  Let them know they matter.  Remind them that they are making a difference.  

What are some other ways we can help volunteers avoid burnout?  

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. 


We have Discipleship hour and one service. What would be your suggestions for volunteers serving during our main service each week? How can they rotate to attend the worship service frequently without giving the children inconsistency?

Hi Andrea, I understand where you're coming from. I've been in the same situation. Is the discipleship hour for kids as well? If so, I would ask the volunteers for the discipleship hour to be weekly and those serving during the worship service for adults to be on a rotation basis so they can still participate in adult worship. If they can't they will burn out.

I am 23 and new to taking on the Director position in Children's Ministry at my church. I am struggling with consistency from my volunteers and a huge lack in volunteers. I know my old faithful are tired and burn out because issues are arising and I'm stuck on what to, for I am also in a classroom teaching due to the lack of teachers. Any ideas on how to be a better leader,and fix these issues

Hey Bekah, great to hear from you. Don't worry...what you are describing is the #1 challenge most cm leaders face. Here is some tips I have used to build volunteers team. Blessings.

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