Mar 25, 2013

Why You Should "Sweat the Small Stuff"

You've heard the statement, "don't sweat the small stuff."  I disagree.

The big stuff is comprised of the small stuff.  Excellence is found in the small stuff.  Show me a ministry that is doing the big stuff well and I'll show you a ministry that is taking care of the small stuff behind the scenes.

If you don't sweat the small stuff ahead of time, you will find yourself sweating the big stuff later when things are falling apart.  That small detail you forgot to take care of will become very large later and will leave you embarrassed.

A few years ago, we had purchased new shirts for our volunteers.  One of our staff was asked to send an email informing them to come pick up their new shirt.  She quickly sent the email to all the volunteers.  It read "come pick up your shirt on Sunday."  But she forgot to sweat the small stuff and double check her email before she hit send.  One small detail was left out.  She left the "r" out of shirt.  The email that went out read "come pick up your sh*t on Sunday."  Needless to say we had to do lots of apologizing and damage control.

It was a learning experience for us.  The small stuff matters..a lot.  Sweat the small stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself.


Ha,ha, ha! I did the same thing years ago when I sent out a note to the parents to put down the size of T-shirt they wanted for their children. And I did like you and left out the "r". Oh my goodness. We had given the order forms to the older kids, you know the tweens, to give to their parents.

It took much apologizing, conferring with the tweens. When some of the younger brothers and sisters heard about it they wanted to read the forms too. Egads! What a disaster.

Of course we had to apologize to all of the parents and even some of the staff.

Good point - sweat the small stuff as it is very important.

Linda Ranson Jacobs

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