Apr 16, 2013

13 Warning Signs Your Calendar is Killing Your Children's Ministry

Is your calendar so busy that it's killing your Children's Ministry through exhaustion?  Here's 13 warning signs to watch for.
  1. You don't have time to stop and celebrate the wins.
  2. You often have to use your day off to get everything done.
  3. You can't find a free week to take vacation or the only way you can take vacation is by missing something.
  4. You don't have time to stop and evaluate what you're doing.
  5. You often ask families to be at the church campus more than one night a week.
  6. Ministries compete for use of rooms.
  7. Ministries have big events that are too close together or even overlap. 
  8. Families often have to "divide and conquer" to be a part of multiple things going on at the same time.
  9. Families sometimes skip weekend services because they are worn out from weekday programs or special events.
  10. You have more than one special event per quarter.
  11. The quality of weekend services suffers because of weekday programs.
  12. Instead of having a few programs that are well-staffed by volunteers, you have lots of programs that are understaffed by volunteers.
  13. Volunteers are serving in more than one program in your Children's Ministry.
Remember...the goal is not to be busy.  The goal is to be effective.  It's better to be effective at a few things than ineffective at a lot of things.

The best thing you can put on your calendar may be some eraser marks.  


I really appreciated this post. As we move into the busy spring and summer seasons, if I don't keep a check on some of these things I easily fall back into old habits. Thanks for the reminders.

I was curious, with summer coming up, do you still stick to one event per quarter, and if so, what big event to you do, camps? VBS?

Hey Sharon, summer would be different. We do camp and one big family event. But the family event is where we bring an outside group in. We do not do VBS.

Thank you Dale, we are going to be planning 2014 soon and I will bring this suggestion up as we do. What group do you bring in for the family? We do a sports camp and bring in Unchartered Waters Sports Ministry. I met you and your wife at CPC 2011 in Orlando, we were in your multi-campus group/session. What a blessing you are to so many, thank you for making yourself available to us!

Thanks Sharon. We are bringing in Kidz Blitz this summer for the family event.

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