May 29, 2013

10 Phrases You Should Never Say in Children's Ministry

"We've never done it that way before."

"Let's require parents to serve."

"They won't notice...they're just kids."

"Are you a visitor?"

"No one wants to volunteer."

"You've been in the church a long time and I know you.  You can serve without having a background check."

"You lost your security tag?  That's okay, go ahead.  We'll let you through without it."

"I don't know...I'm just a volunteer...ask a staff member."

"Your child acted bad in class today.  You need to get control of him."

"There's too much going on to take my day off this week."

Which of these do you agree or not agree with?  What other phrases should we never say in Children's Ministry?


Rather than saying "Are you a visitor?" what would you suggest?

I call them a "guest" instead of visitor. The song "Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest" is starting to play in my head from Disney.(ha)

Just ask if they need anything.

I agree with Dale.. I call our first time guest on Sunday afternoon and if I get a recording, I make sure to thank them for being our "guest" today.

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