May 28, 2013

Why You Should Talk to Kids LIke Adults

Why do we talk down to kids?  I think we forget they are people. 

I have found that the best way to communicate with a child is to talk with him or her just like I would an adult.  Kids respond better to this than using "baby talk." 

This even works with preschoolers.  This past weekend, I was brought a 4 year old who "didn't want to stay in class."  I sat down with him and asked him point blank, "Are you a big kid?"  

He quickly answered "yes."  I then said, "You're not a baby.  You're a big kid.  Why don't you act your age and go into your class with the other big kids."

It clicked and he went into the room.  If I had babied him, I think the opposite would have happened.  

Of course, I am not talking about using big words or ever being harsh or unkind.  Our words should always be spoken with love and care.

The bottom line is this:  Treat kids with honor and respect.  Reflect this in your tone of voice and words and they will respond. 


I agree we should talk to kids with more respect and in an authentic tone of voice instead of with baby talk. However, I would never ask an adult, "why are you acting like a baby?" Why do we think it's appropriate to say that to kids?

I agree in principal but we must always be aware that children are not from the adults generation so we must learn their culture and language so that we can be understood and so that they will know that Jesus is relevant to them where they are.

I don`t think that is always appropriate. It is much better to be positive and speak thing into being that are not yet, such as you are a big boy/girl, and ... is the behaviour you are capable.

There's a middle ground between speaking to them like adults and baby talk. Speak to them like children. Not babies. Why do we always think that ALL children deserve respect? Isnt respect earned?

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