Dec 17, 2013

10 Things You Should Never Say on Sunday morning

Words matter...especially when it comes to guests who walk in your church doors.  Your words will make them feel a certain way.

And they will remember how you made them feel...which will determine if they return or not.

These words may seem like small things, but they carry a lot of weight.  Do you find yourself saying them?  You may want to consider adjusting.

Enjoy the service.
Interpretation: You're a spectator.  Sit back and watch.  It's not about's about what's happening on the stage.
Instead:  Welcome.  So glad you're part of the service today.

Are you new here?
Interpretation:  I don't know you.  Even if you've been coming for 20 years, you're not important.
Instead:  Hey,  I'm ___________ (name.)  I don't think I've had the privilege of meeting you yet.

Hey brother / sister so and so.
Interpretation:  We are family.  You are not. (and we're old school)
Instead:  Just use first names.

Thanks for visiting today.
Interpretation:  You're an outsider.
Instead:  We're honored to have you as our guest. 

You have to have your security tag when you pick up your child.
Interpretation:  We are in charge and you have to follow our rules.
Instead:  The security tag is to help ensure your child is safe.  Please bring your part of the tag when you pick him or her up.

Interpretation:  We are impersonal.  
Instead:  I apologize.

I don't know.
Interpretation:  I don't care and I'm too lazy to find out the answer.
Instead:  That's a great question.  Let me find out the answer for you.

You did not...
Interpretation:  It's all your fault and we want you to know you made a mistake.
Instead:  Let me help you...

Go down that hallway.  Take a left.  Go up the stairs.  Take a right at the water fountain...
Interpretation:  You're not important enough for me to leave this spot.  Good luck.  You're on your own.
Instead:  I'd be honored to walk with you there.

Let me TRY to help you.
Interpretation:  I may or may not be able to accommodate you.
Instead:  I can help you.

What are some other things that we shouldn't say on Sunday mornings (or any other time)?  Share them with us in the comment section below.