Dec 5, 2013

Generation Z...What You Need to Know

Generation Z is a term being used to describe kids who were born between 1995 and 2009.  They are the kids in your ministry.

If you're going to reach them, then here's some important facts and figures you'll want to know.
  • The average Gen Z-er will have 17 jobs and 15 homes in their lifetime.
  • Their average earnings in 2063 (around the age of retirement) will be $222,000.
  • The average home price (in a capital city) at that time will be about $2.5 million.
  • 1 in 2 will be university educated – compared with 1 in 3 from Gen Y and 1 in 4 from Gen X.
  • They are digital integrators.
    • They spend about 10 hrs, 19 minutes using technology per day.  
    • 5.1 billion Google searches a day.
    • 4 billion YouTube views a day.
    • 1 billion Facebook users.
    • 500 million tweets a day.
    • Over 1 million smart phone apps.
  • By the time they reach adulthood, 77.9%  males and 61.8 females% will be obese.
  • Commonly named life stages have been broken down into more categories than in the past.  What used to be defined as childhood, teenager, and adulthood has now been broken down into:
    • Childhood
    • Tween
    • Teenager
    • Young Adult
    • Kippers
    • Adult
    • Career-Changer
    • Downager
  • Engaging them in the classroom:
    • Visual instead of verbal
    • Try and see instead of sit and listen
    • Facilitator instead of teacher
    • Process (how) instead of content (what)
    • Learner centered instead of curriculum centered
    • Open book world instead of closed book exam