Jan 16, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should Play Games at Church

1. Kids learn through games.

2. Games make church fun.

3. You can use games to review what you've taught.

4. You can use games to connect with kids before class starts.

5. Games help kids apply what they've learned.

6. Games teach kids how to collaborate with others.

7. Games help keep kids' attention.

8. Games help kids build relationships with others.

9. Games help kids memorize Scripture.

10. Kids love to play games.

So what's your favorite game to play at church?  Share your favorite game in the comment section below.


Who like church game, kid's game, teen game and edge game. All likr because no rule no limit, easy to play and equipment simple.

God give idea for game. It mean Just three year old children make himself anything game.

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