Feb 4, 2014

How We Signed Up 200 New Volunteers Last Weekend

Last weekend, we signed up over 200 new volunteers for our children's ministry.  Want to know how?

It wasn't from a pulpit announcement.
It wasn't from an ad in the bulletin.
It wasn't from a tear jerking video during the service.
It wasn't from a live testimony during the service.

So how did we do it?

Personal, 1-1 invites.  Every one of those 200 new volunteers were personally asked if they would join the team.  Our staff and volunteers simply got out among the people and made the ask.

Were we desperate?  Yes.  You see we were just about to launch two new services and needed a ton of new volunteers to make it happen.  So we went with the most effective, proven method of building a volunteer team.  Individual asks.

If you need more volunteers (which you and I always will), go with what works.  1-1 invites.  


Dale, totally agree. Personal invite is most effective. Did you do anything to train your volunteers to invite? Or did you give your existing volunteers any tools (something to hand the new recruits) to help get the new volunteers signed up? Any other intentional strategies that you used? Thanks Dale!

We gave them a simple sheet to record names and addresses and reminded everyone we invite with vision not need. We are now in the process of getting everyone we signed up through our on-boarding process which takes 1-2 weeks. You can get people's names but the next big key is having a clear process in place to on board them in a timely manner. Great to hear from you Kim. The resources you and your team are producing continue to be amazing.

Cool. So your current volunteers invited their friends to serve. If their friend was interested, the current volunteer recorded their contact info, then passed it on to the on-boarding team who took over from there?

Please share your clear process for getting them through Boot Camp and get them on board.Are all of them doing direct work with children? How will you keep everyone connected? Great Work! Laurie

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