Jul 15, 2014

20 Children's Ministry Leaders You Need to Know

Most of what I know about children's ministry I've learned by watching, reading, and listening to great leaders.

Below are some of the many leaders I have learned from.  These are proven, experienced leaders who are being used by God in a great way.

Iron sharpens iron.  If you want to grow as a children's ministry leader,  then read their blogs, go to conferences they are speaking in, buy their books, and study their ministries.  You will gain a wealth of knowledge and ministry wisdom.

Click on their name to learn more about these awesome leaders.  You'll be glad you did.

Amy Dolan  
Amy Fenton Lee
Brian Dollar
Bruce Barry
Carolyn Burge
Chris Yount-Jones
Dave Wakerly
Diana Pendley
E.C. Cunningham
Greg Baird
Jim Wideman
Jonathan Cliff
Kendra Fleming
Michael Chanley
Mike Johnson
Nick Diliberto
Ricardo Miller
Reggie Joiner
Ryan Frank
Sam Luce


Thanks Dale! I am blessed to know you as well!

I would add Rev. Romal J. Tune to your list. Youth activist, highly sought after speaker, Award winning author of "God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens". Available on
Amazon.com. www.RomalTune.com or follow him on Twitter @RomalTune.

There are sooo many great leaders in children's ministry! Thanks Dale for posting this! Here's Christine Yount Jone's follow up to your wonderful post.

Thanks for telling us about Pastor Romal. I'll check out his resources.
Blessings @Mashley1913

You're welcome! Blessings to you also. Thx for the list of resources.

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