Aug 19, 2014

An Inside Look at Our Fall Volunteer Training Event

School is back and fall is fast approaching.  Fall is a season of growth for most churches with everyone returning from summer vacations and getting back into a regular routine.

It's important to prepare your volunteers for this season.  Many of them are re-engaging after being in and out for the summer.  Hopefully you have new volunteers coming on board as well.

It's a great time to have a training event.  This Saturday, we will be having a training event for all our volunteers.  Here's an inside look at what we'll be offering.



Were the presenters brought in, or are they in-house experts?


John, our staff is leading the sessions.

I love that. I'm guessing you are a "larger" church? How were these folks developed and picked for those tasks?

Hi xjm716,
Here is more info. on our volunteer process. Blessings.

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