Feb 27, 2015

An Inside Look at Our Latest Children's Ministry Staff Retreat

Twice a year, our children's ministry staff team goes on a retreat together.  We actually call them "advances" instead of "retreats."  Our goal is to move forward not backwards.

I believe it's important to get away as a team on a regular basis to pause, reflect, deepen your relationships, pray, plan and dream together.

One of our Advances takes place the first of the year.  This Advance focuses on team building, leadership development, spiritual growth, a review of the previous year and goal setting.  It's a great time to gear up for the new year.

The other Advance is held late summer and focuses on team building, leadership development, spiritual growth, campus reports, evaluating everything we do, brainstorming new ideas and planning out the next year's calendar.  It's a great time to gear up for the fall ministry season that's coming.

Here is the agenda for the one that we just went on to kick off 2015. 

  • Worship 
  • Devotions
  • Break
  • Ministry overview
  • Lunch
  • Review of last year
  • Goals for 2015
  • Leadership training - How to equip, encourage and empower your volunteer team
  • Games and team building
  • Prayer
We went to a camp our church owns for the retreat. 

We love to laugh and have fun.

We stopped by to pray over one of our new campuses on the way home.
I'm always looking for ideas.  Would love to hear about any retreats, planning sessions, team building games or other things you do to grow together as a team.  Share them with us in the comment section below.


I like to have a "Celebration" party to share the way we see God moving in our children's ministries. This year we are going to a local pizza parlor that has quarter games. All the leaders will be given a dollar to go be a kid again! Then we will share how God is working in our particular area of ministry.

I want to be part of your children's ministry team. That's awesome!

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