Jul 20, 2015

5 Keys to Communicating a Vision

A vision that is not communicated properly is like an airplane sitting on a runway that never takes off.

If you want your vision to become reality, here's 5 keys to communicating it effectively. 

People won't follow a vision they don't understand.  Make it very clear.

If you want people to remember the vision, then communicate it concisely...ideally in one sentence.  Less is more when it comes to wordsmithing a vision.

People want to be part of something bigger than themselves.  The vision should challenge people to step out of their comfort zone.  If it's not challenging, then it's not big enough. 

People will only get as excited about the vision as the person communicating it.  You must be the person championing the vision.

Communicating a vision is not one and done.  It's a continuing process.  Vision leaks and must continuously be refilled.

Package your vision with these 5 keys and you'll have a vision people will follow.


Could you please share an example, Dale?

An example...
Clarity - it is a clear command that God wants us to reach our community for Christ.
Concise vision statement - We are called to impact kids and families with the Gospel.
Challenge - together we can reach our community for Christ. Come be a part of it.
Champion - leader sets the tone for accomplishing the vision.
Continuation - revisit and repeat the vision on a regular basis.

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