May 23, 2016

Equip Your Volunteers to Make a Significant Impact (Free Training Tool)

We just finished up our spring volunteer training session at all our campuses.  The theme was "B141" and the purpose was to equip our volunteers to make a significant impact in the life of a child. 

We shared 7 keys to moving beyond just serving to leaving a legacy in the life of the kids we minister to. 

And now we'd like to make that training available for you and your team.  Below are the teaching notes, volunteer handout and the accompanying PowerPoint. 

Feel free to share this with your volunteers.  You are welcome to replace our logo with yours in the documents.

Volunteer Handout file
Teaching Notes 
PowerPoint file


This is SO helpful and will fit with the "connect" training I'm planning next quarter, thank you! One question... how can I get a hold of the videos used? They show up as blank black slides in the PowerPoint...

Hey Crystal, great to hear from you. The file should come up. I checked and it's there. Here is the direct download link. See if you can access it this way.

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