Aug 14, 2018

Why Fathers Have More Influence in a Daughter's Life

We know the biggest influence in a child's life is his or her parents.  And to truly influence kids, we must influence their parents.

Let's get more specific.  While there is a special bond between mothers and their daughters, recent studies show that fathers are the greatest influence in their daughter's lives.

Fathers who are emotionally involved and present in their daughter's life, are essential for proper emotional development. 

Daughters, who have great relationships with their fathers are....
  • At a lower risk of developing depression and anxiety. 
  • Become better at handling stress. 
  • Are more comfortable talking about their emotions.
Fathers also shape their daughter's view of values and self-image.  He helps her create a positive self-image and self-confidence.

Studies also show that fathers play a huge role in their daughter's physical and financial health.

Let's look at some ways we can help fathers leverage their influence in their daughter's life.

Connect with the men's ministry in your church.  Perhaps it's going to one of their events and sharing a short talk with them about the importance of fathers in the life of their daughters.

Ask your pastor to do a sermon about the influence fathers have.

Do a father/daughter event like a dance, banquet, etc.

Do something special for fathers and daughters on Father's Day. 

Celebrate the dads who are stepping into their role and making a difference.  Create a video to highlight a father who is doing this.

We often talk about the damage it does when a boy has no father figure in his life.  It's true, but I would say, it affects daughters just as much.

Let's encourage fathers to step up to the role God has from them in their daughter's life.

Your turn.  How are you helping fathers understand and live out the influence they have in their daughter's life?  What are some events or programs you use to help do this?  Share with us in the comment section below.


This article really resonates with me. Parents rarely get feedback from their children about parental approaches and decisions. I feel extremely blessed my daughter honestly tells me she would not have survived as a child, teenager and young adult, if I was not in her life. Very humbling thought received from her. I was a single parent with my daughter since she was 2 years old. She is now 38 years old. We talk regularly as we are open about events, thoughts, emotions and tension filled moments related to our Daddy / Daughter journey together. We have been talking co-authoring a book about it with lessons to share with readers.

HI Carl, What a great blessing to hear about you and your daughter's relationship. May God continue to bless your lives.

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