Formula For Improving Your Serve!

Each week we walk thru the three steps below in our staff meetings. One of our staff members works for Disney as well and brought these to us. These are questions that Disney asks it's team. Each week we try to improve at least one thing about our ministry. Just think, if you do that every week you will be 52 times better this time next year!

Disney uses a model known as START, STOP, CONTINUE when reviewing rides, attractions, shows, and even special events or yearly themed parties. The idea is that they take certain aspects of what they are reviewing and apply the SSC model to it. It helps to clearly identify what changes, if any, need to be made. Here is a breakdown of how the model works...

START - what new idea could be used to make the show or event even better.

STOP - what is not working and needs to be replaced or completely discontinued in order to appeal better to guests.

CONTINUE - things that are working out great or have been big hits with guests (would eventually fall into the STOP model after a certain amount of time or be replaced by a new idea from the START model).