Texting Outreach!

Texting has become a communication lifeline for this generation. Especially for those under 30. My son Caleb (8th grade) sent over 8,000 text messages last month. I quickly switched our plan to unlimited texting as soon as he got a phone and I saw how much he would be using it.

Something incredible happened thru the communication of texting these past two weekends at our City Place campus. Our City Place campus is in a trendy shopping and entertainment district in downtown Palm Beach. We reach lots of young adults through this campus.

Two weeks ago our City Place pastor asked everyone to pull out their cell phone right in the middle of his message. He then asked everyone to think of one person in their contacts who doesn't attend church. He then asked them to text their friend right there on the spot and invite them to attend church with them the next weekend.
Hundreds of text invites immediately went out.

The result...this past weekend many friends showed up for services and heard the Gospel. Attendance was up 100 over the previous week. Wow...how about that...texting outreach!

Most of our pre-teens have cell phones and they text...alot. What if you tried this outreach with them? God has made technology available for us to share the Gospel with others. Let's get our kids...texting away!