Another Great Idea From Disney World

Our family has season passes to Disney World. We are only 140 miles away so we try to go often. It's always a "working" fun trip for me. I'm always looking for ideas while I am there. This past Friday, my wife and I spent time at Animal Kingdom. I found a great idea this time in a very unlikely place...the bathroom. Yep...that's right...the bathroom.

Above the toilet was a sign at eye level. You couldn't avoid reading it. It was right in your face as you answered nature's call. The sign had two trivia questions regarding animals. Below the two questions it said..."Wash your hands to find out the answers."

Sure enough...above the sinks were the answers. Our new children's building will now have Bible trivia questions above the toilets...and the answers will be above the sink.

What a simple but creative way to teach kids Bible truths...and to get them to wash their hands!