New Building Updates

Below are some updated pictures of our new Life Center. The student ministries, cafe, bookstore, and offices were recently completed. We are making good progress on the children's wing and will have phase 1 open by Easter. Phase one includes an indoor playground with a giant two story tree house. Kids will be able to go up in the tree house and then slide down on a two story tube slide.

The hallways are designed with a main street Disney feel. Each building on main street is named after a Biblical story. We will have story cards at each building so parents can talk about the stories with their children. You can see a few of the buildings pictured below.

We will finish phase 2 by this fall. Phase 2 will be the large group environments, small group breakout rooms, a two story game room, a kid's store, and several other features. The Preschool environment will be called "God's Big Backyard" and will have a Bug's Life feel.

I will post more pictures as we progress.

This will be the 1-3rd Grade environment. It will be called "GK Studios" and will have a working movie theater theme. Our Pre-Teens will have another room that will be called "Nitro." It will have an urban, club feel with plenty of metal and graffiti. It will also have restaurant booths along the walls for small group breakouts.

Ceiling lights and decor in student ministries lobby.

Student ministries' cafe.

Student ministries' water bar.

Student ministries' worship center.

Student ministries' check-in area.

Indoor basketball cage.

Student ministries' lobby area.

Student ministries' courtyard.

Student ministries' pool room.

Student ministries' pre-service area.


Life Group's area




New Preschool hallway - will be themed out like Bug's Life and be called "God's Big Backyard."

Door of Zach's tree house. It slides into the front of the tree house and we will be able to do puppet shows through the windows for our preschoolers.

Wall of indoor playground.

Upstairs of Zach's tree house.

Esther's Day Spa on main street.

Main Street

Rahab's Rooftop Inn - a scarlet thread will be hanging from this window.

Zach's Tree House

John 3:16 carved into Zach's Tree House.

Zach's Tree House

Upstairs in Zach's Tree House.

View from Zach's Tree House.

Pilate's Porch

Shadrach's Firehouse

Rotating ball in courtyard that floats in water - weighs 10K.

Outside of new Life Center