I Am Watching a Miracle!

John is a 3rd grader who attends our church. He was born crippled. The doctors told him he would never walk without braces and crutches. And they were right...until two weeks ago! His uncle, who is a Pastor, prayed for him and John threw down his crutches and began to run!!!

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of knock people down, name it and claim it, type ministry. But this is different. This was a geniune miracle! I mean...just three weeks ago I watched John come in struggling with his braces and crutches. And now...

John has been walking on his own ever since the day his uncle prayed for him! Today I watched him as he was jumping and playing! He is sharing his testimony with everyone. He has a special touch from God on his life. I really believe God has big plans for him. Have you ever heard a 3rd grader share their testimony and you felt like you are listening to an adult? That's the way it is with John.

I had the honor of baptizing him last Sunday evening. He shared his testimony before he was baptized. There were alot of tears!

God still does miracles. I'm watching one walk now on every week!