Don't Make Solo Decisions

One leadership lesson I have learned in recent years is to never make a tough ministry decision alone. Bring in two or three other people who can help you weigh out the situation. Here are a couple of examples...

-What do you do when a red flag pops on the background check of a potential volunteer? Do you make the decision of them serving or not by yourself? I follow this protocol. Three people have to sign off for the person to be able to serve. Myself as Children's Director, the campus Pastor, and our HR Director. I take these situations case by case so I want three people to make this decision together. (unless the red flag is some type of child abuse - then it's an automatic no)

-What do you do when you have a possible child abuse situation? Do you make the decision by yourself to call Child Protective Services? I believe the wiser thing to do is to make the decision as a team. Bring at least two other people in and weigh the evidence together and then decide whether or not to call.

The Bible says "in the multitude of counselors there is safety." Don't make ministry decisions solo. The safe route is to have two or three other people who you trust...who are wise...who have ministry experience... to come alongside you. Flying solo may up your ego but it can also take down your ministry.