Ideas...Lay Them On The Table And Step Back!

In a team setting, it's important to separate the idea from the person. We all have a tendency to take it personal when our idea is not used or doesn't receive the recognition we think it deserves. Since we originated the idea, it's a natural bent to own it and hold it close. Many times we seek validation and approval through our idea being used. We get a rush knowing that we came up with the "best" idea or we experience feelings of hurt when our idea is not used.
On an unhealthy team, members clutch their idea closely as everyone else evaluates it. When this happens, tension can rise in the meeting as members compete to trump their idea over everyone else's.
On a healthy team, everyone on the team works against that bent to simply see ideas....not a "person's" idea. When I personally give an idea, I am visually picturing myself laying it on the table and stepping back to evaluate it just like everyone else. I am seeking to separate myself from the idea and let it be evaluated as an idea...without a person attached.
A team whose members are willing to do this will always produce the best ideas and results. They realize it's about the idea, not the person. Ideas...lay them on the table and step back!